About Us

Neuhoff Communications was founded in 2003

With a mission to create engaging and entertaining local content and events in the communities we serve.

That’s really a fancy way of saying great local radio, cool digital sites that allow you to interact with your favorite personalities, and events in your backyard you don’t want to miss. We call it “Media Made Locally”, and though it’s no secret, treating people the way we like to be treated is our secret sauce.  

Neuhoff Communications has twenty radio stations, sixteen locally focused digital music, information and entertainment sites, and serves over a million consumers from Illinois into Indiana. 



“…treating people the way we like to be treated is our secret sauce.”



“…Neuhoff stations are making a real difference daily…”

When we say "Media Made Locally"

We really mean it. From Springfield, to Danville, Bloomington to Decatur and Champaign to Lafayette, Neuhoff stations are making a real difference daily in the lives of those citizens, consumers and advertisers.

Why? Because we’re Midwesterners, too.

Great music matters to us. 
Agriculture matters to us.
High school and college sports matter.
Local politics matter.

And nothing makes us happier than knowing that while our big corporate competitors are abandoning all the things we think make local media special – we’re doubling down.  We sure hope you like us.